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Over 12,000 people have used our placement services. Unlock your potential with our unique recruitment assessment methods, designed to not just find opportunities but to create them. At the heart of our mission lies the passion for connecting candidates, clients, partners, and employees with their goals. It's not just about completing tasks for us; it's about achieving milestones. We love what we do, and we're here to help you love your next big opportunity too. Dive into a world where your career aspirations meet reality. Let's achieve greatness together.

HR’s is proud to be enlisted as one of the prominent global leaders in the recruitment industry with over 20 years of experience. The founders are experienced in human resources, recruitment, consultation, and management global marketing. Our services are not only limited to guiding you towards finding the most suitable internship and permanent job replacements from all sectors worldwide, but we also provide visa services such as Training visa, Active visa, National visa, Work permit, TRV, PR, and many more.


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Since launching our business in 2009, we have added
international recruitment to the business and evolved into
one of the world's leading recruitment companies,
specializing in diverse placements.

With our fully automated online application platform, HR'S
offers placement services and career opportunities at local,
regional, and global levels.

AI-Powered Matchmaker

In the dynamic, AI-driven landscape of today, leveraging technology is not just an advantage—it's a necessity. At the forefront of innovation and efficiency, our platform introduces a seamless, fully automated online application process, available 24/7. Powered by AI, it's designed to match candidates with opportunities that are just right for them, ensuring a perfect fit every time. Experience the thrill of discovering global opportunities with unmatched ease and precision. At HR'S, we stand by our commitment to integrity and transparency, offering a secure environment free from scams, complete with thorough verification. Navigate your application journey with full visibility—understand the flow, associated costs, expected timelines, and gain valuable insights every step of the way.

Our Services

We are an international licensed recruitment agency dedicated to provide candidates with various placements across Asia, the US and Europe. Our approach to local and overseas placements are firmly underpinned by our core values, connections, standard operation procedures, discipline and unbiased in delivering exceptional standards of service to our clients with efficiency and sincerity.

Our Achievements

Our achievement is unique, HR'S experienced that we have delivered excellent recruitment results. We are keeping and maintaining our duty summaries concise, and focus instead on unique accomplishments. HR'S focus on determining of the experiences, total number of successful job matching, high visa approval rate that we have achieved through the recruitment progresses from communities, school, colleges and local universities as achievements.

Up Coming Events

HR'S participate in job fair, career fair in public expo, community areas, colleges, universities, in event which out marketing crews to meet the job seekers, to give information, to make face-to-face interview, filling out resumes. Hold job fair events online for greater efficiency and broader reach. Continue recruiting events virtually with the new normal now.


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Here to Help Your Every Business Need.


Here to Help Your Every Business Need.


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YB Mr. Liew Chin Tong

The deputy minister of Investment, Trade and Industry Malaysia (MITI). Education Conference on Malaysian Private Education on 24.03.2024 @ Sunday at INTI International Subang.

Invitation Internship Opportunity Talk & Recruitment at the School of Hospitality.

INTI International University & College Subang, Petaling Jaya, Selangor on 06.02.2024 at Tuesday.


ON 18TH ~ 21ST FEBRUARY 2024 @ SUNDAY ~ WENDESDAY. The conference meet face-to-face with quality networks to strengthen and maintain relationships with our partners at US.

Irfarhan - Sydney, Australia  

Irfarhan here, an intern doing in australia. I have had such a wonderful yet culture shocking experience in australia. Its the best to be honest! I have met so many new people and become friends with most of them is exquizite! The work that was given wasnt that hard if your not a total goof, but its fairly challenging in its own way. I would love to be able to live in australia in the future! Hopefully i am able to land a job here! Anyways, my tips to new people who want to try is that they should be open to new possibility even though its hard at first, because that will be the beginning of the adventure! Be open minded in trying new things, explore new cultures and such! Overall its such a pleasent journey that i have had! Cheers! Regards, Irfarhan

October 2019

Nazri - Dublin, Ireland  

Agency keep contact with candidates and follow up their progress on visa and job placement status working as a Data, Software and Production Engineering. I will recommend Agency to others. Nazri.

October 2022

Jayson Liaw - Vancouver, Canada  

I rated 5-Stars in overall. I applied train & place in Vancouver, Canada. I got my 6 months learning visa + 6 months work permit. Agency has notified me of my progression om timely base. I will definitely recommend Agency's services to others. Thank you. Jayson Liaw.

November 2022


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